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November 19, 2008


Michelle (MilwaukeeMommy on SCS)

Oh, Paula, I'm so jealous (she said as her husband sat like a lump on the couch watching "Regis & Kelly")! Enjoy all that free time!! I won't have any until he goes back to work NEXT YEAR!! Ugh!! The cards are pretty, such a great gift set. I'm done on Ebay for now ~I've got to get going on my OWN cards!!


love this card!

Deborah Golan

Such a nice card for the set box! How cool to have your space back during the day! Whoo hoo! Hope it all goes well for Barry at Wally's.
I searched and searched and found the one and only $ gingerbread man house stamp at Mike's! You are such a great enabler! I also found a wonderful topiary stamp, which I adore too!
Take care, Deb


Glad to hear Barry is working.
Beautiful card!

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