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October 26, 2008


Michelle (MilwaukeeMommy)

I'm so sorry Paula, about Barry not finding a job yet & about the stress it's putting you under. It just stinks!! Sorry I missed your birthday ~~ happy belated!!

Deborah Golan

Love this card Paula! HOPE! Hugs, Deb

Linda Crowder

I am so sorry about your loss of MOJO. Yes, it does affect that and everything else. Called depression. I know from past experience. I lost my career and then my husband. So, I said a prayer for you, and since I am still here and gaining strength all the time, I feel like I must have a straight line to Him. I feel that Barry will have success soon and that your lives will be back on track. I will pray every day until they are! Who knows, maybe I can offer a glimmer of happiness into your day, at least! Cheer up, make a card for someone special: Barry. Linda Crowder

Linda Crowder

A P.S. Your beautiful card was still loading as I sent that last comment. Girlfriend, this card was made for YOU> take your own advice! I love this card. It is absolutely beautiful! I know in my heart that you have the power to recover your MOJO if you can make cards like this one!

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