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August 29, 2008


Joan Schmaltz

I also thought the convention was fabulous too... my daughter is a single Mom trying to bring up 2 children and make ends meet. She lives in Denver and designed an Obama pin made of rhinestones. Michelle and Barack each have one and they have officially approved and endorsed it. She was a vendor there and displayed her letter from Barack at her booth. The pins were an overwhelming success story and it has given her hope that she can do something special and make some money too. It has given her hope too. You can look at the pin at

Deborah Golan

Love your birdie Miss Paula! I can never get too much of the cute feathered birdie stamps! Love your card! Have a bloomin' great relazxing weekend! Blessings and prayers, Deb

Deborah Golan

Love your birdie card today Miss Paula! The paper and buttons are adorable! Your riboon is just the right touch!Have a bloomin' relaxing weekend! Blessings and hugs, Deb


Hi Paula,

Just found your blog. I knew we were like minded as soon as I saw the donkey.

Cute stuff! I'll be checking back often.

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