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August 22, 2008



How sweet Paula.Great to see you too!


I don't get too excited if somebody were to unsubscribe to my blog. There is a life after blogging......LOL. I use Google reader instead of subscribing....I don't like the emails day after day but I still visit blogs as new items are go girl.........enjoy your family! :)

Nancy Morgan

What a fun and memorable day for all. Fun Family time is precious and should always come first! Don't you worry about that person who unsubscribed ;) ! Looking forward to working with you on the Pink Poison your creations!! -nancy

Deborah Golan

Don't mess with Paula I always say! You all look so beautiful together at Maddy's graduation! She is so adorable Paula! I miss my grand daughter so darn much! Now Paula,Would you please get a life!!!(Giant smile here)! You make me laugh so hard! Too much fun! Blessings and hugs, Deb

Mari Pearson

OMG, what is that person thinking? I think you update more than most people. Keep it up Paula I also love to read about your LIFE, glad to see you have one. Love your cards they give me inspiration. Now, on to my life. Mari Pearson

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