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April 23, 2008



Can you post a link to where a card is $25? I'd be curious to see that. I have sold mine for up to $5? I think it depends upon the complexity, products used, time and also artist value ie how much original watercoloring did you do or chalk etc. I mean if it is a simple card stamped with coloring in that is a lot less original art skill then a full on watercolored image. To me it depends upon difficulty of technique. If I put my heart and soul into it with tons of skill I am gonna charge a lot more than for a card that is a sketch only.


love this card Paula.Great papers and image!


Just wanted to stop in and comment. I read your blog all the time and really love your work. I understand your dismay about card prices. I haven't sold any of mine yet, but I definitely don't think I'd have much of a customer base if I charged $25 a card.


I dont' know Paula. Your cards are always BEAUTIFUL! I tried to sell some cards on ebay once and didn't get a bid on any of them, so I don't know what the secret is. But I have heard that many times crafters "under-value" their work. It seems to me too that on ebay, the same people are selling over and over - and the same people are buying them -
I wish you all the best in finding the answer!


Yes I would love to see that $25 card as well. I don't know what the secret to success in having them sold for a decent price is either.I know a price like 6 or over wouldn't go here, at least it would have to be AWWWFULLY good to be $25 and I just don't know why someone would want to spend $25 on it anyway....baffles me for sure...I know that you make really lovely cards Paula, sometimes it just takes the right time at the right place ,with the right person and boom you are off on a new selling adventure. Please don't get discouraged, keep on making those lovely cards!! Thanks for sharing them with us...Sam

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