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April 15, 2008



So glad Barry's check up went well!!
The cards are gorgeous - thanks for sharing them with all of your readers.

ps: I just noticed you changed your blog title - sorry that the "grammar police" got to you. :(

Maria Matter

Paula, these cards are great! Love the handyman guy (gotta have him) and I like the background paper and layout on the "Tangy" card. Very nice!

Peggy Maier

So glad Barry's tests came out ok! These cards are so pretty - I'm going to have to break down & purchase the Tart & Tangy set. I certainly love what you did with them! Hope the rest of your day is peaceful & blessed.

Michelle (milwaukeemommy)

Hey Paula!! I just wanted to say I'm so glad Barry got a clean bill of health!! Whew!! I haven't been creating much either. Last week I had the flu, & now I just got a new laptop & it's taking me forever to get everything set up, & to transfer all my files from my old computer onto this one. Dh & older ds are going camping this weekend so maybe after the little one goes to bed I can stamp, if I still have the energy!!


Dottie K.

Hi Paula, I'm so glad to hear everything went with Barry's checkup. So happy for the both of you. I love both cards. Love the little nails on the background of Mr. Handyman. Cherries are so sparkly. Adorable!!! :)


I so enjoy your blog. Your cards are beautiful. Don't give up you will make a design team. Loved the card with the cheeries.


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