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March 05, 2008



Amen Sister!!!


Peggy Maier

Hi Paula, It sure is nice to see the sun again, Isn't it! We voted as well, but, living as we do out in the middle of nowhere, we didn't have the long lines. There were 2 people ahead of us & no waiting!

Deborah Golan

We voted absentee, so nice, a few months ago, as there is no polling place for us here. Only a few in line, Lobie (dear German Shepherd), a couple of red tailed hawks, a bobcat or two and a couple of coyotes! Needless to say, Lobie sacred them all away, and there was no waiting! He he! Love this colorful explosion of a card Paula! Hugs, Deb


I can't even stand how cute this card is. How totally perfect for a little boy - the colors, the layout, the images - everything!

I read all of your posts and love everything you have to say! My dad used to tell me to always vote. I vote in every single election, from schoolboard to president. I love how he put it when I was 18 - even if you think your vote doesn't matter, you vote. If you don't vote, you forfeit the right to complain about the decisions of the elected officials in any way. :)

I am in total agreement on the subject of flaming. It just irks me - if you are going to be offended, don't look. And if you do make the choice to look, don't get offended. Remember when there used to be (at least an intsy bit of) tolerence and not everyone had that sense of righeous entitlement that is so common these days. aahhhh....

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