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September 05, 2007



Paula, how about tying some ribbon on each side of the scallop circle, or using that scallop circle as a giant ribbon slide. I'm having a hard time describing what I'm picturing in my mind, but maybe my ideas will spark something for you. Adelle

Leslie Miller

Oh, my gosh, Paula! Your flower looks absolutely incredible! Oh, my goodness! I'd buy this set if I didn't already have it, tee hee! I love the way you stamped the words, too--fantastic! Love your cupcake card, as well. Isn't it funny how we just have to put that ribbon on there? I'm the same way. When I get to this point of not knowing where to put the ribbon I'll usually either add a clip with the ribbon tied on, or make a slit or put an eyelet in the main image panel with some ribbon tied through it. Just gotta have that ribbon! I like the previous poster's idea and I think she explained herself pretty well. I can picture exactly what she means and it sounds like a great idea!

Nancy Grant

Wonderful cards. WOW-wee on the Floral Flourishes card!


Gorgeous cards Donna! Love the new set SO pretty! Maybe for the second card you could sponge some brown around the scallop so it fits in better? I like it either way!

Dottie K

Gorgeous flower! Love the card and it's perfect with the infuse paper and that ribbon. I really like the second card and love the idea of adding brown to the edge as stated in the previous post. Great idea to tie it together. :)


Your floral card is over the top gorgeous! I have got to check out these new stamp sets.


Love your cards, these papers are fab


Love your cards, these papers are fab

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